Harvard University Launches Quantum Research Partnership With Amazon Web Services

Harvard University Launches Quantum Research Partnership With Amazon Web Services

Harvard University has launched a three-year research quantum partnership with Amazon Web Services. According to a press release, the alliance intends to advance study into quantum networking, a technique for transmitting and receiving digital information, at the Harvard Quantum Initiative. In addition, more students will be able to participate in research projects thanks to increased funding for faculty-led initiatives.

“The collaborative initiative between AWS and Harvard will harness top research talent to explore quantum networking today and establish a framework to develop the quantum workforce of the future,”

Antia Lamas-Linares, quantum networking lead at AWS

Four academic members will lead the research project involved in the AWS collaboration, including HQI Co-directors Evelyn L. Hu and Mikhail D. Lukin, Electrical Engineering professor Marko Lonar, and Chemistry professor Hongkun Park.

According to Lukin, Boston “plays a prominent role” in quantum network research due to collaboration between academic institutions such as Harvard and MIT and industry partners, according to the Harvard Gazette, a University-run newsletter.

“Initiatives of this kind — bridging cutting-edge academic research and leading industry partners — are critical to the emergent quantum industry and quantum ecosystem in the U.S. as a whole and in the Boston area specifically,”

Mikhail D. Lukin

“The emerging field of quantum networking holds immense promise in tackling “challenges of growing importance to our world, such as secure communication and powerful quantum computing clusters.”

Lamas-Linares, who will lead the Harvard-Amazon alliance

Industrial Academic Quantum Research

Collaboration comes after Amazon announced its new AWS Center for Quantum Networking in June. The centre aims to address important scientific and technical issues by building novel quantum hardware, software, and applications. Amazon has made a big push in Quantum with its Braket framework, which aims to make Quantum Computing in the cloud easier and smarter. Amazon has also built several relationships with other institutions in its wider outreach program.

In an increasingly digital world with threats to privacy and security, quantum networking can provide secure communication and anonymity.

“By working together, academia and industry can accelerate discovery and technological progress. “Through this alliance with AWS, we will bring scientific scholarship and education to bear on some of the most exciting frontiers in quantum science.”

Harvard Provost, Alan M. Garber

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