2023 will be another year of Quantum milestones for Infleqtion, parent brand of Cold Quanta

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Infleqtion, the global leader in the quantum ecosystem, announced the conclusion of an incredible series of Quantum milestones in 2022, with progress across all business segments, including revenue, headcount, technological milestones, industry alliances, leadership development, and more. The global quantum ecosystem leader will continue to expand rapidly in 2023, fueled by a large pool of industry expertise, technical breakthroughs, and revenue-generating customers.

The company, originally known as ColdQuanta, has established a new parent brand, Infleqtion, highlighting the company’s and industry’s maturation and evolution toward commercialization. The launch of the Infleqtion brand capped off a year of significant achievements, including $110 million in Series B funding, including $29 million financing from Breakthrough Victoria to establish the ColdQuanta-Swinburne Quantum Technology Centre in Australia. And also acquiring Super.tech, the world leader in quantum software application and platform development.

Infleqtion is constructing an ecosystem of quantum technologies and commercial goods that will propel the firm and the industry forward into the future. The company believes in pushing the boundaries of quantum computing and leading from the edge. Infleqtion is based on ColdQuanta’s 15 years of pioneering quantum research.

Quantum Awards and Recognition for 2022

A few of their awards won last year, including the 2022 Prism Award, Quantum from SPIE Photonics West and Photonics Media for Albert, ColdQuanta’s quantum matter platform, 2022 Best of Sensors Awards for Maxwell, receiving first and second place in Electric Power Research Institute Quantum Challenge for their paper in quantum computing and atomic clocks. Albert was named in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2022.

Dr. Fred Chong, Chief Scientist for Quantum Software, was also recognized and named as an IEEE Fellow for his Enabling Practical-scale Quantum Computing (EPiQC) project. At the same time, Dr. Bob Sutor, Vice President and Chief Quantum Advocate testified at the Senate committee hearing, “Securing U.S. Leadership in Emerging Compute Technologies” in Washington, D.C.

“The quantum industry continues to mature, and we’re not just growing alongside it – we’re powering its evolution at a rapid clip. Infleqtion cemented its reputation as the global quantum ecosystem leader in 2022 highlighted by a new round of funding, and numerous product accolades. These accomplishments will help move quantum beyond research and development to bring commercialized quantum solutions to the world.”

Scott Faris, CEO, Infleqtion.

The company has also established innovative collaborations with Classiq and The University of Colorado Boulder’s CUbit Quantum Initiative.

The company’s milestones include winning a 5-year subcontract in response to an Office of Naval Research Broad Area Announcement (BAA) to develop portable atomic clocks, collaborating with Morningstar to integrate SuperstaQ, winning the Ultracold quantum memories and TALENT projects, demonstrating the algorithms on a programmable neutral atom quantum computer with success together with Riverlane, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and unveiling SupercheQ. This scientific advantage extends the power of quantum computation to new applications.

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