Classiq partners with ColdQuanta to launch and execute 100-qubit Quantum Circuits

Classiq Partners With Coldquanta To Launch And Execute 100-Qubit Quantum Circuits

ColdQuanta, a pioneer in cold atom quantum technology, and Classiq, a leading software platform for Quantum Algorithm Design, announced their collaboration. Offering a design and execution on quantum circuits with 100 qubits or even more. The design opens up a whole new raft of possibilities, with the combined software from ColdQuanta’s cold atom quantum computers and Classiq’s quantum algorithm design software.

Our quantum algorithm design platform is the world’s first quantum IDE that lets the user focus on the ‘what’ – the desired functionality – and automates the process of creating the ‘how’ – the exact quantum circuit that delivers this functionality. We are delighted to partner with ColdQuanta to usher in a new era of quantum usefulness.

Nir Minerbi, CEO of Classiq

Quantum computers have the potential to change a variety of industries, but solving complicated problems necessitates complex quantum circuits. The fundamental processing unit of a quantum computer is the qubit (quantum bit), and the number and quality of qubits is a good initial approximation to the quantum computer’s power. Large quantum circuits are essential for solving real-world issues that classical computers can’t solve. The launch of the 100-qubit quantum circuits to enterprises and researchers seeking quantum computing answers to their most pressing issues.

Clients can also use this unified solution to build, model, and execute unique quantum circuits to solve a variety of financial, material science, supply chain, and machine learning problems. The utility and complexity of a quantum computer rise as the number of qubits increases. Computers with more qubits can handle larger machine learning datasets, balance larger financial portfolios, model more complicated chemicals, and vaccines, and evaluate more difficult supply chain challenges.

ColdQuanta and Classiq’s collaboration opens up a whole new world of possibilities in two ways: Classiq’s quantum algorithm design platform enables the creation of complicated quantum circuits by starting with a high-level functional model and automatically synthesizing and optimizing a working quantum circuit from it. And companies and researchers will be able to simulate and execute 100-qubit quantum circuits on the ColdQuanta Hilbert quantum computer, with even larger models being available in the future.

ColdQuanta is developing a powerful quantum computer that can solve real-world problems,

Our partnership with Classiq allows us to create an easy on-ramp for customers so that they can model and execute complex circuits with ease.

Paul Lipman, ColdQuanta’s President of Quantum Information Platforms