ColdQuanta’s Powerful Hilbert Quantum Computer is Now Accessible through the Strangeworks Platform

The existence of Quantum Computing has long been considered a mystery for a majority. Even scientists and researchers have not fully adopted and understood quantum technology. Strangeworks QC Platform has provided an application for developers and companies worldwide to learn, teach, create, and collaborate on quantum computing projects. With the hereness of ColdQuanta’s Hilbert Quantum Computer, applications for quantum chemistry, optimization, logistics, and machine learning will now be accessible through the Strangeworks Ecosystem. 

Hilbert’s availability via Strangeworks is an important step in providing broad access to users so they can begin putting quantum to work to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges impacting humanity.

Paul Lipman, President of Hilbert

Strangeworks QC™, a quantum-enabled Platform as a Service (PaaS) for subject matter experts to solve problems with quantum solutions, has welcomed to their ecosystem the cloud-based quantum computer, known as Hilbert, a universal and scalable gate-based Cold Atom room-temperature operating computer. This powerful quantum computer by ColdQuanta, a world-leading quantum technology marketing company specializing in the quantum methods of Cold Atoms, is designed to deliver 100 Qubits by early 2022 and is targeting to run > 1000 Qubits by 2024. It is created with a combination of powerful attributes – high qubit count, low-temperature operation, miniature, cloud-based, Gate fidelity, Qubit connectivity, gate duration, and coherence. This Super Quantum Computer will advance Strangeworks’ users for a quantum advantage.

Learn more about ColdQuanta’s Cold Atom Approach on Hilbert.

ColdQuanta’s roots in world-renowned universities and research centers has provided us with a collaborative approach to quantum innovation since the beginning

Paul Lipman, President of Hilbert, ColdQuanta’s quantum computing business unit. 

Advantages for Strangeworks Users

Strangeworks seek to humanize quantum computing and make it accessible to everyone. It helps its users accelerate integration for quantum advantage by providing more easy-to-understand, straightforward quantum hardware access, pre-built and pre-tested managed quantum services, and flexibility to interact with existing corporate applications.

Members of the Strangeworks Backstage Pass program will have early access to the Hilbert Quantum Computer. At the same time, a general pass for nonmembers and other scientists, researchers, software developers, companies, and enthusiasts from around the globe will follow. Access grants initiation and collaboration on projects, eliminating barriers to widespread quantum adoption, and addition of access to applications for quantum chemistry, optimization, logistics, and machine learning.

Strangeworks remains on a mission to make quantum computing as easy and accessible as possible as we deliver the promise of quantum to as many people as possible.

ColdQuanta has been at the forefront of quantum technologies with its broad portfolio of products and technical leadership. We welcome them into the Strangeworks Quantum Syndicate as we partner to unlock new doors for researchers, developers, and quantum enthusiasts from around the world.

William Hurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks.

Applications to the ColdQuanta Backstage Pass ticket are now open. For additional information on the Backstage-Pass Program see frequently asked questions here.

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