Xanadu Launches FlamingPy, Software To Reduce Errors In Quantum Qubits

Xanadu Quantum Technologies has announced the release of their latest software FlamingPy, a cross-platform python library that will reduce the errors associated with qubits, a significant problem in quantum computing. The FlamingPy software is modularised; it has built-in error correction codes,  decoders, and noise models for different functionalities. Once a user selects any of these options, the software allows them to simulate and debug the error correction performance, including estimates for the fault-tolerant error thresholds. FlamingPy is a breakthrough and will bring growth in quantum computing.

Decoherence is a major challenge in quantum computing. The quantum qubits collapse into a discrete state when they interact with environmental noise. There has been ongoing research to develop fault-tolerant quantum computers capable of resisting decoherence. The FlamingPy is the first of its kind, a software for correcting qubit errors caused by decoherence.  It requires Python 3.0 and above, although the coding is quite complex and cannot be understood from a glance.

With FlamingPy, developers can encode qubits into GKP and squeezed states. Users aren’t restricted to using the software to debug errors but can also add to the built-in decoders, noise models, and codes. FlamingPy has a rich collection of visualization tools so users can see ànd verify error corrections. The software is an ongoing project, and Xanadu will keep developing FlamingPy. Adding more built-in decoders, noise models, codes, and backends to the software in the future.

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