Xanadu’s PennyLane and NVIDIA’s cuQuantum to develop Hybrid Quantum Computing

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Xanadu, a leading Canadian quantum technology company established in 2016, has collaborated with NVIDIA, a multi-national leading technology company, to accelerate quantum computing research projects. The PennyLane ecosystem will be equipped with GPU capability through NVIDIA’s cuQuantum, a software development kit loaded with optimized libraries and tools designed to expedite quantum computing workflows, and enable high-performance quantum system simulations.

Allowing users to gain HPC performance with cuQuantum through PennyLane opens many doors for our research and development community. By using our plugin and the NVIDIA library, users can easily move from testing and developing hybrid quantum workloads on their local machines to running them on the fastest computing platforms. This allows users to get the best time-to-solution with a seamless transition, enabling the exploration of research questions that may otherwise have been too complex to examine locally.

Lee O’Riordan, Performance Lead for PennyLane at Xanadu.

PennyLane, is an open-source software library for quantum computing and application development, which uses a sophisticated and unique differentiable programming method. The software is a combination of classical machine learning libraries with quantum hardware and simulators, allowing users to train quantum computers in the same way that neural networks are trained.

NVIDIA cuQuantum is a software development kit that has the ability to speed-up quantum computing workflow. When combined with cuQuantum, NVIDIA GPU devices provide best-in-class performance for simulating quantum systems. Users can use cuQuantum to speed up regular quantum circuit simulations, as well as build and test algorithms that would otherwise be impossible to test with conventional tools.

The collaboration of PennyLane’s ground-breaking quantum computing method, along with the NVIDIA cuQuantum software development kit, will allow hybrid quantum workloads to achieve cutting-edge performance.

The integration of cuQuantum and PennyLane will create a powerful simulation stack for quantum machine learning and quantum chemistry, equipping the active, growing research community to benefit from accelerated GPU simulations of quantum circuits,

NVIDIA enables high-performance classical computing resources to push the frontiers of quantum computing research in collaboration with innovators such as Xanadu.

Sam Stanwyck, cuQuantum Product Manager at NVIDIA

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