Xanadu’s Quantum Framework PennyLane gets a new version

The latest release of PennyLane is now out and available for general release. The popular framework from Canadian Quantum Computing Company Xanadu is a framework that allows users to quickly get to grips with QML or Quantum Machine Learning. Version 0.20 comes with many new additions, including a new graphical circuit drawer, new quantum-aware optimizers, faster performance, smarter circuit decompositions, general hardware gradient support.

Here are some of the new features and changes.

  • Shiny new circuit drawer! 
  • New and improved quantum-aware optimizers
    • Perform gradient descent on the special unitary group
    • Improved quantum natural gradient support
  • Characterize your quantum models with classical QNode reconstruction 
  • Faster performance with optimized quantum workflows
  • Batch execute quantum circuits
    • 𝑛nth order derivatives on hardware
    • Smarter circuit decomposition strategies
    • Support for TensorFlow AutoGraph mode with quantum hardware
  • Hardware gradients of arbitrary operations 
  • Define device-specific custom decompositions 

Check out version 0.20 of PennyLane.