EeroQ to build Chicago HQ for its Quantum Computing Lab, at the State’s Premier Hub for Advanced Technology.

Major Quantum Tech Companies has shown its support towards the step of EeroQ, a founding member of the United States Quantum Alliance and a pioneer in quantum computing, on its headquarters relocation to The Terminal, an IBT Group building in Chicago. EeroQ has secured a lease for a 9,600-square-foot engineering lab and office, bolstering both Chicago quantum computing and Mayor Lightfoot’s INVEST South/West strategy, as well as The Terminal’s status as a top advanced technology hub in Chicago.

In Humboldt Park, a next-generation computer will be developed, boosting the Mayor’s initiative in supporting its community and residents. Chicago’s INVEST South/West effort and establishing a quantum computing cluster.

This is great news for a couple of reasons. First, EeroQ’s move into The Terminal in Humboldt Park is aligned with our INVEST South/West strategy, which allows us to invest in under-resourced neighborhoods across the South and West Sides by creating new jobs, businesses and access to opportunity for all residents.

Second, Chicago is primed to become a major hub for quantum technology thanks to a number of notable investments which will have long term benefits for our entire region. Thus, in choosing to operate on Chicago’s West Side, EeroQ will not only be well-positioned to capitalize on the many opportunities that quantum technology will drive, but also help to revitalize communities in need.

Chicago Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot

Quantum computing (QC) has enormous promise for the development of new drugs and materials, as well as financial algorithms and other applications. Information is stored in qubits in a QC, which are larger than today’s 0s and 1s. While this opens the door to tackling issues that are hard to solve with today’s computers, constructing a large-scale and dependable QC is a huge hurdle that has yet to be overcome. EeroQ offers a new chip design with the potential to leapfrog to the front of the race, thanks to an engineering team led by experts from Princeton University and Michigan State University. IBM, Google, Honeywell, Amazon, and a slew of other significant corporations are among today’s QC players.

EeroQ’s has received a warm welcome from the State of Chicago, the move towards positioning in the Terminal has led to great opportunities. And the team is also thrilled to receive support from key stakeholders in Chicago’s quantum computing revolution.

Chicago will become a leading center for quantum computing.

Talent and local support are critical, and we have found all of that in Chicago with a world-class base of quantum computing talent and unmatched local support. We conducted a national search for a headquarters and Chicago was by far the best option for us.

Nick Farina, EeroQ CEO.

Having EeroQ’s headquarters in Chicago will pave the way for greater collaboration with our local community of scientists, engineers, and industry partners.

EeroQ will be an asset to the region, and we look forward to welcoming them as part of Chicago’s growing hub of quantum innovation and talent.

David Awschalom, Director of the Chicago Quantum Exchange

We are thrilled with EeroQ’s arrival, as a trailblazer in the field, their presence underscores the existing strength of Chicago’s quantum ecosystem and further establishes it as a center for the advancement and commercialization of quantum technologies. We look forward to working with them on the continued development of Chicago’s quantum economy.

Brad Henderson, CEO, P33

IBT Group, Mansueto Office and the entire Terminal team are thrilled to kick off years of work with such an exciting visionary as Nick Farina and EeroQ. We appreciate their confidence in the project and our team and look forward to the Evolution of the Terminal as Chicago’s premier creative work environment.

Gary Pachucki of IBT Group

On behalf of the business community, welcome EeroQ to Chicago,  “Here you will find an engaged, strong, and active community of innovators, disruptors, and business leaders excited to have you join us in seeing Chicago continue to expand into a global hub in quantum technology.

Michael Fassnacht, President & CEO, World Business Chicago

Illinois has been at the forefront of computing for more than 70 years, and EeroQ is joining the next generation of Illinois computer science pioneers.

We welcome EeroQ and look forward to watching the company grow as a part of Illinois’ thriving quantum computing ecosystem.

 Intersect Illinois CEO Dan Seals

This deal was incredibly complex based on EeroQ’s unique requirements and we are thrilled we could provide the optimal solution at The Terminal,

This has been a significant step forward for Chicago’s continued emergence on the national scale in the fields of quantum & biotech. We very much look forward to their growth and success here locally, and couldn’t think of a better place for them to plant their flag.

Emily Smith SVP Bespoke Commercial Real Estate

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