Samsung launches phone with Quantum Security

It had to happen. Finally there is a quantum device that the consumer can buy. OK, its not a quantum computer but it will employ some of the technology that has been developed over the last few years. The tie up with SK Telecom (South Korea Telecom) will see Samsung launch a Galaxy version of their smart phone that employs Quantum security. SK Telecom has been working on Quantum Encryption for a number of years, but this is the first time that consumers can buy a smart-phone with Quantum Encryption.

Users of the Galaxy A Quantum will go through two-factor authentication (2FA) – i.e. ID login and quantum one-time password (OTP) authentication – when they log in with their T-IDs. By adding OTP authentication as an extra layer of protection, the new QRNG-powered smartphone ensures strong protection for users’ online accounts.

“With the release of the Galaxy A Quantum, we are opening a new chapter in the history of the quantum security industry,”

Ryu Young-sang, Vice President and Head of MNO Business of SK Telecom
The tie up between SK Telecom and Samsung sees the launch of a smartphone with Quantum security.

Customers will also benefit from advanced protection while making payments via the SK Pay app at offline affiliate stores such as convenience stores and restaurants. Going forward, SK Telecom plans to expand the feature to the mobile apps of SK Pay affiliate stores.

The new 5G enabled Galaxy A Quantum will be one of the securest phones on the market. The Quantum circuitry inside will use a Quantum Random Number Generator or QRNG in its secure protocol. The phone goes on sale on the 22nd May 2020 in Korea. Read more from SK Telecom.