QuantWare introduces Crescendo, the Travelling Wave Parametric Amplifier (TWPA) system for state-of-the-art qubit readout

Quantum Ware

Crescendo, QuantWare’s long-awaited Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifier (TWPA), is now available. Crescendo is designed to give the quantum computing industry state-of-the-art qubit readout. It provides ultra-low-noise cryogenic amplification to consumers. QuantWare will give unmatched performance and amplification-band customizability on an industrial scale with this solution.

QuantWare is a TU Delft or QuTech spin-off company based in Delft, Netherlands. It is popular for creating scalable superconducting quantum processors. The company is the world’s first to sell these to third parties. QuantWare is developing technology to massively grow the number of qubits in a single processor to construct computers capable of doing practical quantum computation in the near future.

The Traveling Wave Parametric Amplifier

TWPAs provide a one-of-a-kind combination of high gain and wide bandwidth, with roughly two orders of magnitude greater bandwidth and dynamic range than cryogenic competitors. As a result, they are perfect for multiplexed qubit readout, which is required for large-scale quantum computers to overcome rising wiring complexity.

‍TWPAs, previously only available to select firms and research organizations, has long been a highly sought-after component in quantum computers, with researchers frequently forced to compromise for less suitable amplifiers. QuantWare will enable the entire field to benefit from TWPAs by making them widely available.

“We are investing into expanding our capacity to deliver parametric amplifiers at industrial scale. They are an essential part of large quantum computers. Whilst our QPUs and Crescendo are designed to work together optimally, Crescendo will enhance the readout of all superconducting quantum computers.”

Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, Co-Founder and CEO of QuantWare

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