Quantum Stream At CDL Toronto Finished – Who Are The Graduates?

Quantum Stream At Cdl Toronto Finished - Who Are The Graduates?

The quantum stream at CDL Toronto brought up together entrepreneurs, scientists, and investors in quantum technologies. And also, many companies like D-Wave, Rigetti, IBM Q, Xanadu, and Zapata computing have joined the CDL Quantum Stream as well. This program will aid the building of successful ventures in the emerging domain of quantum computing, ML, optimization, and other applications of quantum technologies. The CDL quantum stream is a program that lasted for 4 weeks and focused on business and solving technical problems. The instructors were industry and academic leaders in quantum technology and machine learning. All this was followed by five objective-setting sessions between October and June.

Who Are The Graduates?

This year’s CDL has finished this June and here is a complete list of graduate companies.

  • Kuano was also one of the companies that successfully completed the CDL program. They are a UK company that offers simulation software that develops enzyme inhibitors for many applications. Their software is used in pharmaceuticals and herbicides for agriculture. Their software successfully simulated molecules and offered many advantages compared to competitors.
  • Quantum Dice, another international start up company with mostly British capital, they have also been chosen as the startup of the day. We have discussed them in the past and their plans in the quantum sphere. They are trying to commercialize compact quantum number generation software (QRNG), in order to provide security for the hardware encryption market.
  • Aquark Technologies, which is a company that has developed a small plug-and-play cold atom system that can be used to develop quantum applications.
  • Foqus, they have the primary focus on machine learning and have their own proprietary quantum algorithms, their algorithms can enhance the resolution of Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI.
  • AegiQ is a company that develops turn-key quantum encrypted communication systems.
  • Alpine Quantum Technologies, developed a modular ion trap quantum computer with a capacity of more than 100 qubits.
  • Other companies that completed the CDL program were Ki3 Photonics, Quantum Bridge Technologies, VeriQloud, and VYouPoint Aero.