Cambridge Quantum and Honeywell Reach Planned Milestones on way to making Quantum Computing Mainstream

Cambridge Quantum And Honeywell Reach Planned Milestones On Way To Making Quantum Computing Mainstream

Cambridge Quantum (CQ) and Honeywell have announced that they have reached three technical milestones. These milestones are proof that quantum technology at large is a viable option and the optimization of these quantum solutions can come sooner than anyone previously expected.

The group of scientists has successfully demonstrated real quantum error correction (QEC). This is a big advancement and a big step forward into putting quantum technology into the real world to perform computing tasks. Honeywell has reported that they have achieved a quantum volume of 1,024. Much more than they have previously anticipated. Breaking their previous record which was the highest measured on a quantum computer until this breakthrough.

In addition to this, CQ has also demonstrated its new and advanced quantum algorithms that are using far fewer qubits to perform the same task. They solved the problem using 6 qubits, rather than using 23 as their previous effort. This new algorithm will be vital for financial and industrial applications.

Honeywell also broke another milestone; they have managed to double the performance of their H1 quantum system. This double in performance has set a new record just four months ago. Honeywell’s scientists have also managed to place ten physical qubits in a single logical qubit in their System H1 Model. They also managed to apply multiple rounds of QEC protocols to protect the quantum information. This logical qubit successfully combats the errors that accumulate during the computations.

“Big enterprise-level problems require precision and error-corrected logical qubits to scale successfully. These technical milestones of quantum volume and quantum error correction, together with advanced software from Cambridge Quantum, will allow us to increase the viability of quantum computing in the real-world.”

Tony Uttley, President of Honeywell Quantum Solutions

CQ and Honeywell have also announced in June their partnership. They will unite in one company that is expected to become the largest quantum computing company in the world. This transaction is expected to be closed after the regulatory committee reviews the merger. These companies have worked together for many years and managed to bring many new solutions to the quantum computing industry.

This new algorithm is showing how big of an impact the partnership between CQ and Honeywell makes, and also shows what can we expect out of the merger of these two companies. Their collaboration and their latest algorithm show the speed up convergence, scalability, and accuracy of the quantum algorithms for combinatorial optimization-related problems. Namely, supply chain problems, problems in manufacturing and logistics.

CQ has managed to accelerate the convergence up to 100 times than previously, this improved the solution quality and has reduced the hardware resources needed to perform these tasks compared to standard Variational Quantum Eigensolver and Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm. These new solutions have been successfully implemented on Honeywell’s System H1.

“Faster quantum algorithms can have a profound impact on a variety of industries that face complicated optimization problems. A very good example is steel manufacturing where global steel companies typically produce a variety of products. Manufacturing at this scale and complexity on-time at minimal cost requires complicated scheduling of several production processes that are challenging for even the largest classical computing systems currently available. Logistics companies, airlines, and in a slightly different context, diversified financial services companies and banks need the same type of solution. By optimizing these processes, companies and, ultimately, their customers and consumers in general, can see the positive effects. Honeywell and Cambridge Quantum are making it easier for businesses to do their jobs well and effectively.”

Ilyas Khan, CEO and founder of Cambridge Quantum

About Honeywell

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that delivers many solutions to different industries. These solutions include aerospace products and services, they also offer control technologies for industry and buildings. Their technologies are used by companies all over the world. As they say, their technologies are making the world safer, smarter, and more sustainable.

About Cambridge Quantum

Cambridge Quantum (CQ) was formed back in 2014 and they have established themselves as world players when it comes to quantum software and quantum algorithms. CQ allows its customers to get the most out of the quantum hardware. They have offices in the UK, USA, and Japan.