Q-CTRL Launches Black Opal Enterprise To help Businesses embrace Quantum Computing

Q-Ctrl Launches Black Opal Enterprise To Help Businesses Embrace Quantum Computing

Q-CTRL, a leading quantum hardware manufacturer, has launched Black Opal Enterprise, an expanded version of its learning platform designed to help businesses embrace quantum computing. 

Black Opal Enterprise is the only enterprise-ready quantum computing education platform that incorporates user administration, tracking, analytics, and co-branding. The simple and highly interactive platform makes it easy to navigate and learn quantum computing regardless of professional experience. Its debut comes after Black Opal’s April 2022 release for individual users and has quickly become a go-to resource, receiving rave reviews.

Q-CTRL’s Black Opal Enterprise customers include IonQ, undisclosed Big Four consultancies, a Fortune 500 petrochemicals firm, an Australian military unit, and a UK government research centre.

“Black Opal lowers barriers to understanding quantum computing for businesses and organizations building quantum-ready teams and empowered customers,” “In our customer engagement – and even in my own journey learning quantum computing on the job – we discovered how powerful building the right visual tools with enterprise functionality could be.”

Mick Conroy, Q-CTRL’s Product Manager for Black Opal.

The National Quantum Coordination Office (NQCO) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) of the United States released the National Strategic Plan for Quantum Information Science and Technology Workforce Development in February 2022, highlighting the need for quantum-ready business leaders and professionals.

Technical Experts in Quantum Computing

According to Q-CTRL, the demand for technical experts is much greater in the quantum business, and employees want tailored training that Black Opal Enterprise delivers. Companies are using the platform to teach new hires and long-term staff. Developing a quantum-ready staff is a significant task for businesses hoping to stay ahead of this fast-evolving market.

Black Opal Enterprise features include:

  • Co-branded user-experience pages.
  • Seat licensing structure, account management, and administrative functions deliver flexibility for changing learner cohorts.
  • Detailed usage analytics to ensure learning cohorts are tracking against goals.
  • Recognition of accomplishment with co-branded completion badges and digital learning certificates.
  • Dedicated customer support forum and access to experts.

Quantum computing is expected to transform the world by allowing scientists and business leaders to solve complex problems, such as developing new fuels and more efficient batteries and improving risk management and operational efficiencies. According to the Boston Consulting Group, the potential annual effect might be up to $850 billion.