Quantum Computing Company of the Day: Q-CTRL

Quantum Computing Company Of The Day: Q-Ctrl

Quantum computers are expected to be able to outperform today’s supercomputers on certain tasks and, in particular, those related to optimization. For this reason, quantum computers will provide significant improvements for practically all computing and machine learning applications. To start our 2022 Quantum Computing Company of the Day edition, we present one of the leading quantum computing companies, Q-CTRL. Q-CTRL is a quantum computing software and services company that is developing technology to help customers design, build, and control better quantum computers. Q-CTRL develops the world’s most trusted quantum control software to make quantum computing reliable, fault-tolerant, and fast.

Who is Q-CTRL?

Quantum Computing Company Of The Day: Q-Ctrl
Australian Quantum Computing Company Q-CTRL

Q-CTRL is an Australian quantum computing company founded in 2017 to apply cutting-edge solutions to the next generation of computing – quantum computers. The company provides hardware control solutions for quantum hardware, accelerating the development and deployment of quantum computers. 

Q-CTRL is the world leader in quantum control software. It also provides consulting services for organizations interested in learning more about how they can get started with quantum computing.

What Does Q-Ctrl Do?

Q-CTRL provides the world’s first platform for designing, controlling, and error mitigation of quantum systems. It does this through a suite of proprietary data-driven technologies that enable any organization with interest in quantum computing to access the power of this technology.

Q-CTRL works with some of the biggest names in the industry at all stages of their quantum development journey, from some of the leading quantum hardware providers to those that have identified real-world business and technical problems that can only be solved with quantum computers.

Q-CTRL’s mission is to make quantum computing available for everyone by tackling the challenges of building a useful quantum computer and removing the barriers to using it.

One of Q-CTRL’s solutions for quantum computing is the Black Opal quantum tutorial. Black Opal is a unique collection of algorithms that provides an intuitive and friendly environment for learning quantum computing. It is a powerful software solution for managing quantum hardware. It allows you to create, run, and test complete quantum control systems in real-time.

Q-CTRL also has two other technology known as the Boulder Opal and the Fire Opal. The Boulder Opal works directly with the hardware to perform deep optimization which helps in error reduction.


In 2019, Q-CTRL announced it had closed US$15 million in Series A financing to accelerate its growth as a quantum computing software provider for hardware manufacturers and end-users. The round was led by Square Peg Capital and Horizons Ventures, with participation from Main Sequence Ventures and Horizons Ventures.

In 2021, Q-CTRL also announced a $25 million Series B financing led by Airbus Ventures with additional participation from Ridgeline Partners, Main Sequence Ventures, Horizons Ventures, Square Peg Capital, Sierra Ventures, DCVC, Sequoia Capital China, and In-Q-Tel.

The Future

Quantum computing will enable new capabilities in fields as diverse as chemistry, material science, finance, and machine learning. We believe open access to these tools will enable a community of experts to work together in solving real-world problems while reducing barriers to entry for researchers and developers.

Q-CTRL provides the world’s first cloud-based platform for designing, deploying, and controlling qubits. They are dedicated to providing the key tools to accelerate the development of quantum technology. By using their software and services, they can help you speed up your new product development cycles and get you closer to realizing the potential of quantum computing.

Q-CTRL’s mission is to accelerate the commercialization of quantum technology by making quantum computing more accessible, stable and practical.

About The Founder

Q-CTRL was founded in 2017 by Michael Biercuk, a professor at the University of Sydney, with a mission to make quantum computers less finicky and more predictable. He has over 15 years of experience in quantum technology, including research and development on quantum computing and quantum sensing platforms, commercialization of quantum technologies, and associated R&D project management.

Michael Biercuk has led the development of quantum control technologies that are breaking new ground with commercial applications in the areas of high-accuracy sensors and artificial intelligence. Biercuk serves as CEO. Other key employees include André Carvalho, Kevin Chee, Michael Hush Ph.D., Robert Love, etc.