President Trump ear marks an extra 30% spending for Quantum Computing and AI

The new proposal released on Friday sanctions a spending increase of around 30% in the non-defense budget for artificial intelligence and quantum information science, which will include Quantum Computing. Recently there has been renewed interest in the competitive threats from China and the news realizes an effort to ensure the US remains competitive in emerging technologies.

The proposal includes funding for the DoE (Department of Energy) to build a Quantum Internet, with $25m in funding to help securely communicate. On the AI side is a plan to develop a number of AI (artificial intelligence) research institutes dedicated to driving innovation.

Research in AI will also increase at DARPA, taking spending from $50m to nearly $250m. NSF funding will also get a boost rising from $500m to $850m. There is also a pledge to double funding for AI and quantum computing within the next two years.

The Quantum threat from China

We see policy change in response to China from the Trump administration aiming to ensure that the US retains security and a technological lead over China. Already China has begun to invest greatly in Quantum Computing and allied technologies (Alibaba, Baidu) and the recent policy move looks like an aim to ensure that the US can attract the best and brightest in these emerging sectors. We published recently about some of the Chinese progress in quantum computing: Investing in the Chinese Quantum Computing revolution with Alibaba, If the US fears Chinese TikTok, might more investment flow into American Quantum Companies and Research? and Baidu Stock and 5 Chinese Quantum Companies that you will already have heard of.

A Boost for the US economy

The news will cheer investors as a continued signal that Trump is more than serious about the economy and investing in R&D. A move that will likely please many on all sides of the political divide. Of course more investment will enable labs, institutions to hire more scientists and engineers to build quantum devices, quantum computers and bring that future just that bit nearer.