Orquestra users can now access Rigetti hardware through Amazon Braket

Orquestra Zapata

Zapata announced a few days ago that Rigetti quantum hardware is now accessible to Orquestra users through Amazon Braket. While Zapata has been accessing Rigetti’s QVM simulator and users of Orquestra can leverage Forest and pyQuil, it is the debut of this function and feature.

Rigetti’s Aspen-8 machine was made available to customers through Amazon Braket. This allows more users to have access to the system and allow fresh knowledge and insights to assist in advancing quantum algorithms that they will be practical in business. The Aspen-8 device is unique in that it has both a controlled Z-gate and an XY gate. Using both for entangling allows for extra flexibility and reduces circuit depth when compared to machines with only one type of entangling gate.

An example of the AWS Quantum workflow set-up utilizing AWS Braket

The Aspen-8 machine, through Orquestra, can be accessed as a backend in any of Zapata’s quantum algorithms. Amazon Bracket’s SDK will run a Zapata workflow setup on Rigetti’s hardware. A log for the parameters, frameworks, resources, and outputs for each step of the workflow is generated. Orquestra will then correlate parameters and outputs to each step before condensing all this information into a JSON file to assist in data analysis.

Both Rigetti and Zapata are two teams with the goal of pushing towards quantum advantage with software and hardware. Zapata’s software will complement Rigetti’s hardware in the Quantum Ecosystem. Both companies offer some of the best tools to accelerate the development and evolution of quantum computing.