Origin Quantum launches China’s first quantum operating system

On February 8, Origin Quantum launched Origin Pilot, China’s first quantum operating system. Pilot is designed to combat a lack of computing power and resources. It can calibrate quantum chips automatically as well.

With both of these features, Origin Pilot users can reduce the time needed to run complex calculations and instead focus on more important tasks such as developing new quantum algorithms. It can even reduce the time used in quantum image identification and other tasks. Pilot has been found to run very efficiently and make the most out of quantum chips.

Origin Quantum is one of China’s quantum startups

Pilot can support various types of quantum computing systems, including superconducting, semiconducting, and hybrid quantum processors. Even quantum computers with more than one quantum processing core will work with Pilot.

Guo Guang Can from the Chinese Academy of Sciences believes that Pilot will help counter the problem of inefficient quantum computing.

Quantum computing must be efficient or large amounts of computing power will go to waste.

With this, we can see that China’s quantum computing sector is advancing and achieving many breakthroughs as we have seen with their recent announcement of quantum supremacy. However still there is a quite a degree of opacity of what is happening in the Chinese marketplace. Large technology players such as Alibaba are also invested in Quantum Computing.

‘If the quantum chip is compared to the heart of a human, the quantum-computer operating system is equivalent to the brain and the quantum application software is the flesh and blood.’

Professor Guo Guang Can

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