OQC partners with Boston ltd to provide QCaaS and learning services


Oxford Quantum Circuits Limited (OQC), one of Europe’s top quantum computing businesses focused on developing revolutionizing quantum technologies, has collaborated with Boston Limited, a company committed to being up-to-date with global technologies. The two powerful companies have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to provide customers with Quantum Computing-as-a-Service (QCaaS), training, and expertise in quantum computing technologies.

“With extensive experience providing high-performance technology to customers, Boston Limited is an ideal partner for Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC). We are excited to explore new opportunities to offer Quantum Computing-as-a-Service and quantum learning services to the market. This is a crucial step in providing customers with seamless access to the power of quantum computing and building their capability for a quantum enabled future.”

Dr Ilana Wisby, Chief Executive Officer, OQC.

The Boston vision is to nurture human skill as much as technological talent, and they will soon hold OQC-certified training sessions. Boston Training Academy and Boston Technology Consulting assist customers every step of the way, assisting them in developing their solutions and algorithms.

OQC’s QCaaS platform, which is wholly built on OQC’s unique technology, delivers quantum computing to customers’ fingertips, assisting in the resolution of real-world problems and leading to the discovery of novel materials, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

“We sought out a company that provides Quantum computing with a clear vision and roadmap to be able to scale the architecture to quantum supremacy levels and introduce even newer technologies to this space but also providing very cost-effective access. The future is here, and this partnership with OQC is a perfect fit, putting us at the forefront of this cutting-edge branch of physics, mathematics, and computational science”

Dev Tyagi, CSMO, Boston Limited. 

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