New Dutch Quantum Centre Has Decided On Designers

New Dutch Quantum Centre Has Decided On Designers

Quantum Delta NL, the public-private partnership of global tech companies, government agencies, and significant quantum research centers in the Netherlands, has announced the design team for House of Quantum (HoQ), the smartest 12,000-square ‘quantum meters’ in Europe. Part of the design team is engineering companies -Deerns and Aronsohn and the architecture firm Cepezed.

Quantum Delta NL comprises five main quantum hubs and various colleges and research centers interconnected. The hubs collaborate on innovation by bringing together top-tier scientists, engineers, students, and entrepreneurs to work on cutting-edge quantum technology.

Their initiative, House of Quantum, will be a Dutch quantum technology ecosystem, a meeting place for quantum technology where various functions will be integrated. It will include space for scientists, start-ups, the business community, and the first Center for Quantum and Society in the world, where the quantum community can address quantum technology’s moral and societal implications to advance society. 

HoQ will house several facilities, including testbeds for quantum computers, quantum networks, and quantum sensors, which are shared high-tech research facilities in which Quantum Delta NL is investing. When finished, quantum computing firms will have access to high-tech facilities, many of which are too expensive to use individually. 

The HoQ main building is scheduled to be finished in 2025 on the plot of land reserved on the TU Delft Campus. A final decision regarding the construction will depend on the final design and the creation of the HoQ business case. Further development on the House of Quantum will be done in collaboration with the ASR Dutch Research Park Fund.

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