Nature to award prize for spin-off companies. Apply Now

Nature the huge publishing group is requesting applications from spin-off companies for its new award for commercialising research. The award is open to early stage university spinoff companies from around the world.

The Nature Spinoff Prize aims to encourage and give coverage to academic entrepreneurs and their companies. The judges will look for spinoffs that translate original, high-quality scientific research into products and services that address market problems and are well positioned to make a positive impact on society. The prize is open to all discilines and the competition will close on the 14th of Demember 2020. So now is the time to get those applications in.

We have seen so many companies emerge from university environments and the potential to benefit everyone is immense so the encouragement of more spin-offs is music to our ears.

Many Universities have been the platform for wealth creation via spin-offs. Now Nature is creating a dedicated award to recognise the benefit these organisations have.

In 2021, The Nature Spinoff Prize will focus on spinoff companies founded on research in life sciences or physical sciences, both of which can include digital technology approaches i.e. including artificial intelligence, deep learning, neuromorphic computing and importantly quantum computing.

The grand prize is a €30,000 cash prize awarded to the winner after running off other contenders. There will be lots of additional benefits such as more viability to present their company and gain exposure.

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