Jobs of the Future: Preparing for Quantum Computing

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One of the hottest jobs around at the moment is Data Science. As the world has gone data crazy, some of the most coveted jobs are Data Science & Machine Learning and has attracted high salaries. MIT physicists have come up with a solution to prepare students with the necessary skills for the next technological revolution: teach them quantum computing.

Quantum Computing provides the industry for jobs of the future.

Technological history has shown us how new industries can emerge that transform our way of life. Thirty years ago, I doubt many of us would imagine that we would have a device in a our pockets that allowed us to access not only data, information but services from around the globe. What will the future hold? Will Quantum Computing provide the next industrial revolution and the jobs of the future?

The vision of teaching Quantum Computing to future learners has moved to an even younger audience with MIT researchers and The Coding School offering a first-of-its-kind virtual quantum computing camp this summer to high school and first-year university students.

The Quantum Future is Here

Unless you have been sleeping through the past couple of years, you likely will have heard of QC. But you might be forgiven for what it actually is or how the devices and fundamental Qubits actually work. Especially now as Google has shown Quantum supremacy in 2019, it means that there is a real advantage of using quantum computers over classical machines (the one you are using right now), in certain applications.

Massive development is happening around the world in terms of building out qubits and their reliability. Major tech companies from Google, IBM and Microsoft all have well funded quantum computing programmes.

You don’t need to be an academic to get involved in Quantum Computing

Traditionally the preserve of academia or researchers, Quantum science is changing. You can get stuck in now learn from a variety of sources such as Meetups, Online Classes, Books, Videos, Tutorials, Free Resources. You can learn easily right now from the comfort of your own home/cafe (if open). Look on Quantum Zeitgeist for learning resources.

Quantum + Machine Learning = QML Hottest new Job category

QML or Quantum Machine Learning might be the job that everyone covets in the future. Now is your chance to learn not only about classical machine learning but how Quantum technologies can be applied in the scope of Machine Learning. There are some QZ tutorials here.

What you can do to Quantum skill up?

Learning Quantum Computing with MIT. High school students can now going to undertake a program in Quantum Computing.