IQM gets massive new tranche of funding

The finish company IQM has obtained a grant for €2.5M and investment of up to €15M. The EIC awarded the funds to IQM and long with other sources IQM has recieved around $30M in funding so-far. The EIC is the European EIC Accelerator program which provides funding to start-ups that fit its criteria (IQM received its maximum grant).

IQM is developing super conducting qubits which they aim to bring to the masses. They are developing 2nd generation quantum processors in a hardware-software co-design approach. Their hardware is based on proprietary technology that allows us to significantly speed up the clock speed of quantum processors.

The futuristic designs of the IQM quantum computer.
The futuristic designs of the IQM quantum computer.

“IQM is the European leader for superconducting quantum computers. Our vision is to make quantum computing available to everyone”

IQM Mission statement

About IQM

IQM is a spin-out quantum compnay from Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The main areas of development are qubit reset, readout, and thermal management of quantum circuits. The company has operations in Finland and Germany. Read More

IQM founders (not in white coats, suited and booted) Left to right: Dr Kuan Yen Tan (CTO), Prof Mikko Möttönen (Chief Scientist), Dr Jan Goetz (CEO), Dr Juha Vartiainen (COO).