Honeywell claims they are on the brink of unveiling one of the worlds most powerful Quantum Computers

You’d be forgiven for not knowing much about Honeywell (NYSE: HON). It’s name is synonymous in our family for the thermostatic controls it makes. I don’t think I’ve ever bought a Honeywell product in my life, however my plumber has on my behalf. Anyway, we listed last year an article on public companies that are working on Quantum Computing, and Honeywell is one of those companies.

The industrial giant announced that they had made a breakthrough that will increase the capability of Quantum Computers with the anticipation that they will release the worlds most powerful Quantum Computer, competing with the likes of Rigetti, IBM, Google and Microsoft. Their control expertise has led them into the Ion trap methodology of creating Qubits.

More powerful than IBM’s Quantum Computer?

The company that you might not associate with Quantum computing aims to beat IBM in terms of power.

The claim is that the Honeywell Quantum Computer is even more powerful than that from IBM. Even by the metrics that IBM have pioneered ( Quantum Volume ) or QV, the proposed Honeywell machine is expected to exhibit a Quantum Volume of 64, which is twice the current IBM Quantum Volume of 32. The aim is to deliver a product by June 2020.

Honeywell’s Technology

Trapped-ion QCCD is outlined in a paper which provides more details on the structure – its quantum charge coupled device (QCCD) architecture, a major technical breakthrough in accelerating quantum capability. For those of a scientific persuasion the paper is now available for download.

First Applications

Honeywell’s strategy has been to partner with other companies in the Quantum space – specifically two start-ups. The aim is to work on Financial Applications with JP Morgan (JPM: NYSE).

Read the press release from Honeywell.