Democratizing Quantum Education: IQM Quantum Computers Launches Global Initiative with Free Online Course

Democratizing Quantum Education: Iqm Quantum Computers Launches Global Initiative With Free Online Course

IQM Quantum Computers (IQM), a prominent European quantum computing company, has recently launched a new program called “IQM Academy.” The program is designed to provide a free online course on quantum computing to high school and university students, educators, and enthusiasts eager to learn about the basics of this emerging field.

IQM provides on-site quantum computers to supercomputing centres and research laboratories, granting complete hardware access. Additionally, the company employs a unique application-specific co-design strategy, enabling it to deliver quantum advantage to industrial clients. In collaboration with VTT, IQM is constructing Finland’s initial 54-qubit commercial quantum computer.

The main goal of IQM Academy is to equip and prepare individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to become part of the growing quantum workforce. The course is available worldwide, and it aims to promote quantum education and encourage more people to explore this exciting area of study.

“We are excited about this initiative, which is part of our commitment to provide education on quantum computing to everyone, regardless of their background. Anyone, anywhere in the world, can access the course online and learn the basics of quantum computing with self-learning exercises and guidance from our world-class quantum experts.”

Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-founder at IQM Quantum Computers

“A quantum technology lead for Europe is possible, but only with broad education.”

Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-founder at IQM Quantum Computers

In the 2022 World Economic Forum Report, it is noted that to utilize the potential of quantum technology fully, there must be a concerted effort toward quantum education and workforce development. This requires introducing quantum concepts into primary and secondary education systems and creating additional opportunities and programs to promote quantum education.

The IQM Academy offers a beginner-level course on quantum computing which does not require any previous experience in the field. The course covers various aspects of quantum computing, including algorithms and applications. The modules are designed to be exploratory, informative, interactive, and enjoyable for participants.

“The potential is vast, but there are many misconceptions — we also want to help people gain a realistic understanding of the technology and thus contribute to its development in Europe and worldwide.”

Dr. Jan Goetz, CEO and Co-founder at IQM Quantum Computers

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