Australia must invest in Quantum Computing to prepare for future pandemics

The field of Quantum Computing is still searching for killer applications. Despite a number of promising applications such as Shor’s algorithm, Grover and HHL, Quantum Computing has not made a material impact on sectors such as medicine. The founder of Sydney startup Q-CTRL states that Quantum Computing could deliver new tools for drug development which could help in the event of any future pandemics.

Professor of physics at the University of Sydney, Michael Biercuk, is clear to point out that quantum technologies to solve the COVID-19 crisis were “disingenuous” because the sector is still too young to deliver practical applications. But investing and scaling up now could assist with medical developments in the future.

“Advances in computing tech have given enormous practical advances in medicine and we think quantum has a role in drug discoveries”

Professor Biercuk
Professor Biercuk from Q-CTRL and the University of Sydney

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