Xanadu Launch Worlds First Photonics Quantum Cloud Platform

In a one-up against the might of super conducting qubits. Xanadu has launched their cloud accessible photonic quantum cloud computing platform. Eight and twelve qubits are currently available but soon 24 qubits are expected to come online, giving existing platforms a run for their money. The heat is on!

The Canadian based Xanadu, a Quantum computing company has been a champion of all things Quantum, and especially a pioneer in Quantum Machine Learning, where it has unleashed some of the most popular frameworks that help researchers and developers use quantum technology in the quest to make machines do “useful stuff“. Also the company is famous for its predilection for the Beatles music group in naming its products and services: “Strawberry Fields” and “Penny Lane” are two such products? Will be see another?

“We believe that photonics offers the most viable approach towards universal fault-tolerant quantum computing with Xanadu’s ability to network a large number of quantum processors together. We are excited to provide this ecosystem, a world-first for both quantum and classical photonics,”

Christian Weedbrook, Xanadu Founder and CEO

Sadly so far there is no Beatles inspired name. Perhaps they’ll think of one. Personally I think they should call it “Lucy”. After “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”, cloud, sky etc, Get it? Let’s see if it ever takes on that moniker.

A schematic of the 12 qubit system

Right now the platform is on private release for a small segment of customers, but the roll-out is continuing for the rest of the world. Current users of the platform include leading academic institutions, quantum startups, and major national labs including Creative Destruction Labs (CDL), Scotia Bank, BMO and Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). We are really looking forward to doing an early review of the platform and expect to impressed, as both Strawberry fields and Penny Lane for machine learning have proved to be immensely popular and very intuitive.

Find out more about the new platform from Xanadu and about the work that they do and of course the company, Xanadu itself in one of previous articles. Read the original press release.