Tradeteq and SMU join forces to explore Quantum Machine Learning

Tradeteq, an electronic trading platform and Singapore Management University (SMU) have announced that they are working on a project to apply Quantum machine learning in their approach for credit scoring. Supported by the Monetary Authority of Singapore the aim is to build a machine learning model with a Quantum computer that gives better accuracy for credit scores.

Tradeteq’s existing credit scoring algorithms are used on Singapore’s Networked Trade Platform and this partnership aims to further Tradeteq’s strength.

“This grant will strengthen our research in applying cutting edge technologies and enable us to work with Tradeteq to develop the next generation of credit scoring networks. Currently, many small-and-medium-sized businesses are unable to grow their companies due to a lack of funding as they are deemed ‘too risky’ by current credit rating models. With shorter processing time, more businesses could be scored and with greater accuracy thereby creating more trusts and providing greater access to finance for companies than ever before.”

Professor Pang Hwee Hwa, Dean of SMU School of Information Systems

Singapore Management University (SMU) 

Established in 2000. The university provides broad-based business education modelled on the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania.


Tradeteq was founded in 2016 to specialise in trade finance utilising technology as a key factor in making successful investments.