Rigetti is key partner of new National Quantum Institute at Fermi Labs

Rigetti Is Key Partner Of New National Quantum Institute At Fermi Labs

Following off the back of the announcement of massive funding into Quantum sciences and information. One of the recipients of a new Quantum Institute is the Fermi Lab. The new institute is named Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center (SQMS) and will have as its key industry partner Rigetti, who have been commercializing super conducting quantum qubits.

Massive funding boost for Quantum technologies

Yesterdays announcement that $1 billion is to be spent on AI and Quantum is great news for researchers, industry and the economy. The institutes show the close collaboration with industry partners and in this case Rigetti who have built up experience in building commercial quantum computers that are accessible over the cloud via AWS (Amazon Web Services) for example.

Rigetti Is Key Partner Of New National Quantum Institute At Fermi Labs
The SQMS centre at Fermilab’s aims to improve properties such as de-coherence of semiconducting qubits with the likes of Rigetti as industrial partners.

The SQMS Center is part of a $625 million federal program to facilitate and foster quantum innovation in the United States. The remainder of the $1 billion budget ($375m) is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence.

Together, Northwestern University, Ames Laboratory, Fermilab, Rigetti Computing, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Italian National Institute for Nuclear Physics and several universities are aiming to contribute world-class materials science and superconductivity expertise to work on the problems of decoherence.