Quantum Motion, a UK-based startup, acquired a £42 million investment to accelerate Quantum Silicon projects.

Quantum Motion

Quantum Motion, a UK-based quantum computing scale-up established by the University College of London’s Professor John Morton and Oxford University’s Professor Simon Benjamin, has raised more than £42 million in equity capital from some of the world’s best quantum and technology investors.

“The support of leading technology investors enables us to realise our vision of a quantum computer built using standard foundry processes. This support, along with the continuing UK national quantum programme and European initiatives, provides a step-change in our capabilities. We have assembled a world leading team and with the funding and support in place, we are ready to scale and deliver on our vision.”

James Palles-Dimmock, CEO of Quantum Motion

The current round of funding for Quantum Motion takes the total amount raised to £62 million. This is one of the most substantial increases in UK quantum computing history, accelerating the development of silicon quantum processors of Quantum Motion through strengthening links with manufacturing partners and tripling the size of its central London headquarters.

Quantum Motion aims to create scalable quantum computers using extremely advanced silicon transistor manufacturing technologies. The company is creating a revolutionary technology platform that is more than just a qubit; it is a scalable array of qubits based on the ubiquitous silicon technology already used to make chips in smartphones and computers.

Quantum Motion Milestones over the last two years

Over the last two years, the company has made a number of peer-reviewed and record-breaking achievements demonstrating how silicon could be the most efficient, cost-effective, and scalable way of producing the millions of qubits required to build fully functional fault-tolerant quantum computers.

“CMOS based quantum computing leverages on today’s sophisticated chip manufacturing processes and fabs. Quantum Motion has demonstrated that it can take quantum theory out of a lab into the real world to create a scalable path to a quantum future. We’re excited to join the company and break new ground in the years to come.”

Ingo Ramesohl, Managing Director, Bosch Ventures

On top of that, the firm has raised approximately £20 million in equity and grant funding from the UK and EU, as well as existing investors, to support its early-stage development and growth, allowing it to accomplish milestones that suggest a clear route toward creating quantum computers.

Furthermore, Quantum Motion has created and certified integrated circuits that can generate route and process signals at deep cryogenic temperatures as low as a few tenths of a degree above absolute zero. Recent demonstrations, such as the bulk characterization of thousands of multiplexed quantum dots manufactured in a tier-one foundry, have highlighted the company’s superiority.

Quantum Silicon Developments

In addition, the company was able to Isolate a single electron in a silicon transistor and show that its spin may keep its state for up to nine seconds. And also attained a world record measurement of quantum devices constructed on a silicon chip was also achieved – reading 1024 quantum dots occupying an area of less than 0.1mm2 in an industry-leading 12 minutes.

Quantum Motion also produced a quantum processor on silicon – a 3x3mm2 ‘Bloomsbury’ chip. And established a multi-million-pound lab in central London, the most significant low-temperature facility of any UK quantum enterprise to date.

Bosch Ventures (RBVC) leads the funding round with Porsche Automobil Holding SE (Porsche SE) and British Patient Capital. Previous round investors were also welcomed back, such as Oxford Science Enterprises, Inkef, Parkwalk Advisors, Octopus Ventures, IP Group, and NSSIF.

“The approach of Quantum Motion has tremendous potential with respect to the cost-effective scalability and wide-spread deployment of quantum computing in many industries. We are looking forward to supporting one of the world’s leading teams in the development and industrialisation of this technology.”

Lutz Meschke, board member at Porsche SE

“Quantum Motion blends sector expertise with a unique offering that is pushing the boundaries of quantum computing. Quantum computers will play an essential role in solving challenges that are far beyond the computational capabilities of today’s super computers. We are delighted to be investing in this UK deeptech leader via Future Fund: Breakthrough as the business continues to develop cutting-edge technologies.” 

Catherine Lewis La Torre, CEO of British Patient Capital

Quantum Motion is a powerhouse of technical and commercial talent, which has put the UK at the forefront of silicon quantum development globally.  We’re proud to have been part of the journey since the beginning, and thrilled to continue our support alongside a strong syndicate of new investors, as the team takes the next step towards realising their end vision.”

Sam Harman, Investor Director, Oxford Science Enterprises

“Parkwalk, a founder investor in the UK quantum industry, is delighted to follow its investment in Quantum Motion. The team has consistently achieved and even surpassed the planned technical milestones and we are confident that their ground breaking work will only accelerate with this significant increase in funding. We believe quantum computing will transform many industries, and it is essential that the UK is at the forefront of this revolution.”

Neil Cameron, Investor Director at Parkwalk

“Building a quantum computer using conventional silicon fabrication is a powerful advantage for Quantum Motion and one that has attracted interest from a collection of high-quality investors which will help us deliver our vision. I continue to back the company strongly both in my position as Chair and as an investor in the company and look forward to guiding Quantum Motion as we start the next phase in our growth.”

Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

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