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Quantum Computing and Quantum technologies could be one of the most significant technological shifts in recent decades. This will trickle down into the need for Quantum Education, where companies and organizations need to tap the reservoir of Quantum talent. That means that the workforce of tomorrow needs to be educated and skilled in a range of new technologies and new thinking. Of course, transitions don’t happen overnight, and that means patience and understanding.

As quantum technology has advanced and gained more attention from academia and industry, there has been a growing demand for professionals with expertise in quantum mechanics, quantum algorithms, quantum hardware, and related areas.

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Finding the right people for your org is never easy. Searching a wider pool is critical, but also taking the message to people interested in the latest developments, news and features on quantum computing, quantum technology and quantum security. We enable organizations to post their jobs for free on our quantum jobs platform. Posting a job is more manageable, if not more accessible, than other platforms. Your job will appear on our leading site and typically be viewed by thousands of quantum-curious people, including specialists.

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We don’t charge for listing quantum jobs, and we don’t plan to ever. That means whether you have one job or 100 jobs, we can accommodate your needs and help you get your quantum vacancies out into the community and all for free.

We know it can be expensive to recruit talent, especially for start-ups and fledgling companies, and therefore, we want to help start-ups grow the industry and sector, which is why we don’t charge. We’ve supported countless companies and organizations in their quest to recruit quantum talent.

Quantum Jobs Platform

Recruiting intelligent people to work on your Quantum Project? Look no further than posting FREE on our jobs platform. You can post the job description and feel free to copy and paste the information, but the more information and detail you can provide, the better the response is typically. The platform has been used for open quantum positions in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. There are no geographical restrictions on jobs that can be submitted, and some quantum vacancies may be remote or a mix of remote and some days in the “office” or lab.

Here is what will happen.

  • Post a Free Quantum Job Description (JD)
  • We’ll check the Quantum Job Description and review it.
  • Your job description will appear on the job listings page for everyone to see.

Job candidates will apply directly to you. We will not collect any details or charge you for the process. Feel free to list as many Quantum Computing Jobs as you like. We will do our best to ensure visibility for your vacancies, and if you need any additional help, please do get in touch and contact us.

Here are some examples of quantum jobs:

  1. Quantum Software Developer/Engineer: This role involves designing and implementing quantum algorithms, often using quantum programming languages and frameworks like Qiskit, QuTiP, or Cirq.
  2. Quantum Hardware Engineer: Professionals in this role work on the physical implementation of quantum computers, which could involve superconducting qubits, trapped ions, or other quantum systems.
  3. Quantum Research Scientist: Typically found in academic, government, or corporate research labs, these scientists research to advance the field of quantum computing, develop new algorithms, or explore novel quantum phenomena.
  4. Quantum Firmware Engineer: This role involves developing low-level software that interfaces with quantum hardware, ensuring that quantum algorithms can be executed on real quantum devices.
  5. Quantum Theorist: These researchers focus on the theoretical aspects of quantum mechanics and quantum computation, often developing new algorithms or models.
  6. Quantum Application Scientist: Professionals in this role look at specific applications of quantum computers, such as optimization problems, cryptography, or simulations of quantum systems.
  7. Quantum Curriculum Developer or Educator: As the field grows, educators must teach the next generation of quantum scientists and engineers in academic settings and industry training programs.
  8. Quantum Information Specialist: This role focuses on studying and manipulating quantum information, which can be used in areas like quantum cryptography and quantum communication.
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