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Quantum Computing Inc. applies for stock-listing on Nasdaq

January 6, 2021

Quantum Computing Inc., a software platform to bridge the gap between classical and quantum computing in the industry, recently applied to the NASADQ Capital Market to list its common stock.

These business moves range from growing sales numbers and marketing to attract more customers, as well as increasing cooperation between QCI’s partners Splunk and Meraglim. This would involved pumping more into research and development between the three companies. QCI will also invest more in its professional services team to help customers with developing quantum applications.

‘As the leading stock exchange for emerging growth companies, we anticipate a Nasdaq listing will elevate our profile in the investment community and increase awareness of our industry-leading Mukai™ quantum software development, connectivity and execution platform. We expect broader market participation to support greater liquidity for our shareholders, increase our base with retail and institutional investors, and attract analyst coverage. The timing is also ideal, as we begin to launch several new growth initiatives.’

Robert Liscouski, CEO at QCI

Mukai is the Adam of software platforms that can deliver performance advantages when quantum-ready applications are running in a classical platform, whether it is based on an Intel or AMD processor. The best results so far come from a benchmark study published earlier in 2020. Mukai 3.0 was launched recently as well, which allows easy and direct connections to some of the world’s best quantum machines, such as those made by IonQ, D-Wave, IBM, and Rigetti among many more.

QCI is hopeful that its application is accepted by Nasdaq.

Mukai is currently open to developers and organisations to try today, and users can see how easy it is to migrate their original applications to quantum-ready solutions, which delivers superior performance when solving real-world problems. This will be the case even when the quantum-ready applications are running on classical computers.

‘Following the roll out of Mukai 3.0, our focus has turned to connecting with new customers and bringing real value to their businesses with hybrid quantum-classic solutions, Given the recent major advances in quantum computing and the unique way Mukai makes these powerful capabilities easily accessible, it is an exciting time for QCI and the industry.’

Robert Liscouski, CEO at QCI

Several factors have to be considered before QCI’s shares can be listed on Nasdaq. Satisfying all the minimum requirements is a must. QCI will do its best to meet these goals, but there is no guarantee the company’s application will be accepted.

About Quantum Computing Inc.

QCI‘s goal is to develop novel applications and solutions that employ quantum and quantum-ready techniques used to solve complex problems in different industries. The company has a team of experts in finance, mathematics, computing, security, and more that assist developers, businesses, and government agencies. These parties are those hoping to leverage quantum solutions to solve their respective problems in the field.

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