Quantum computing company aQuantum develops QPath, a platform built to support and accelerate Quantum Software.

aQuantum, a startup focused on the development of quantum technology announced the commercial launch of its QuantumPath (QPath) tool. The new platform is designed to accelerate the adoption of quantum software and to contribute to the application of quantum computing in the real world while also facilitating companies access to numerous advantages of this new technology.

This new platform known as Qpath, supports the entire life cycle of quantum software projects – from the creation of quantum algorithms to developments, tests and implementations and finally, deployment and reuse. The platform which is now being marketed have undergone test by selected users

In a statement by aQuantum COO Guido Peterssen, Qpath is built with intentions to help organizations launch and promote already existing quantum computing projects using the facilities offered by the platform.

The manager, aQuantum,  also added that the platform operates a multi subscription model which allows users and companies to choose between four subscriptions – Free Developer (free), Developer, Business and Enterprise depending on which one best suit their needs.


aQuantum, which focuses on research, development, and consulting services explains that by uniqueness, their new platform is designed to facilitate the dynamic connection of quantum software with real-world systems.

Following this, the application of quantum computing in chemistry, economics, financial services, energy and agriculture, medicine and health, privacy and cryptography, logistics and national security is made possible.

Fintech company, CaixaBank, has selected Qpath as a platform to help remove strategic barriers in financial quantum software within the structure of the Caixabank Fintech 2021 program

QPath was also selected as the official platform used for the development of quantum applications for the ‘QSalud: Quantum Pharmacogenomics applied to age’ project approved by the Center for Industrial Technological Development ( CDTI) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain for the ‘Science and Innovation Missions’ program

More importantly, the platform works with technologies from IBM, AWS Braket, Microsoft, Rigetti, D-Wave, Google, Fujitsu and other quantum providers while also supporting ‘gates’ and ‘annealing’. It functions with third-party quantum computing simulators such as QuTech or CTIC.