Quantropi Wins Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Challenge Award

Quantropi Wins Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Challenge Award

Quantropi, a Canadian cybersecurity company, has won the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Challenge Award 2022. Distributed in Germany, the award recognizes and ranks the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the UK based on three-year average revenue growth.

Quantropi won in the category “Quantum in Mobility,” focusing on new quantum technology solutions for mobility control and protection. Quantropi’s quantum security SaaS platform, QiSpace™, provides significant benefits for the Mobility industry, which includes linked and self-navigating automobiles.

“Winning a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award is a great honor,” “We’re pleased and proud that Deloitte recognized our TrUE quantum-secure cryptography solutions for IoT, with their demonstrated power to protect the mission-critical embedded systems from today’s cyberattacks and tomorrow’s Quantum Threat, known as “Y2Q”.”

James Nguyen, CEO of Quantropi.

QiSpace™ is the only TrUE quantum security solution because it satisfies all three conditions for end-to-end quantum security: Trust, Uncertainty, and Entropy. It offers TrUE quantum-secure cryptography through three unique product families: MASQTM, QEEPTM, and SEQURTM.

MASQTM is a Trust product that offers quantum-secure asymmetric encryption. It supports the National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST Post-quantum cryptography, PQC finalists, and Quantropi’s unique PQC, which offers smaller digital signature sizes by comparison.

QEEPTM is an Uncertainty product that provides quantum-secure symmetric encryption that is up to 18 times quicker than AES-256 and is suitable for corporate and IoT installations.

SEQURTM is the Entropy product that enables the full security potential of contemporary cryptographic algorithms safeguarding systems and networks through quantum random number generation and quantum-secure distribution.

Quantropi’s win falls in line with Quantropi’s growth and achievement over the years, including $12 million seed funding, eight patents granted with another ten pending, and about 20 peer-reviewed academic papers, including prestigious journals such as Springer and Nature.

Quantropi has also pioneered the application of symmetric encryption on a quantum computer, quantum-secured commercial VPN, and file-sharing applications and is a NATO Approved Supplier.

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