New Masters Course in Quantum Information Science at the University of Gdańsk

New Masters Course In Quantum Information Science At The University Of Gdańsk

A new course from the University of Gdańsk aims to equip students for the future of Quantum Computing. The University of Gdańsk is one of the leading Polish universities in physics, mathematics and computer science and the founder of a group of extremely crucial quantum research centres in the world.

the University of Gdańsk founded the following Quantum Centres of excellence:

  • The International Centre for Theory of Quantum Technologies (ICTQT) in Gdańsk
  • Krajowe Centrum Informatyki Kwantowej | National Quantum Information Centre (KCIK) in Sopot

Here are some of the highlights of the course:

  • Graduates may work in industrial and service companies that conduct R&D activities on the design and implementation of quantum technologies.
  • Graduates may continue doctoral studies on quantum information technologies and its interdisciplinary fields at universities and research centers. 
  • You join scientific projects as part of the programme’s curricula, within the cutting-edge research teams in these centers,
  • You become the natural candidate to follow your education path in these centers in the PhD programme after the master’s graduation.

The two-year programme (120 ECTS points) covers four core sections:

  • Quantum information processing, computation, and communication. 
  • Quantum systems, their manipulations and non-classical properties. 
  • Hard-skills: analytical and numerical methods, programming skills. 
  • Soft-skills: scientific presentations, science communication, research methodology, and collaborative research.

To learn more about the program follow this link.