National Physical Laboratory (NPL) announces plan to boost development in UK

NPL’s programme Measurement for Quantum was recently announced. It will be providing advice and measurement projects to UK quantum companies for free. Through this programme, companies can go from making prototypes in laboratories to becoming industry-ready and producing new products and services commercially.

As NPL is the UK’s National Metrology Institute, it can provide the independent testing for these companies. The programme will improve the UK’s quantum technology industry and help it rise to the ranks of international leader in the industry. Another benefit is that businesses and the UK government will see quicker returns from the industrialization of quantum technology.

Measurement for Quantum can provide access to experts and specialised facilities, up to 20 days of specialist advice per project (not a financial grant to the company, but it covers the NPL’s time and facilities), and analyses and reports within said 20 days.

NPL offers calculation, advice, and measures for:

  • Small current and quantum noise measurements
  • Measurement of material-induced noise in superconducting quantum circuits
  • Nanoscale imaging of physical properties for applications in quantum devices
  • Characterisation of compact lasers and other photonic components
  • Characterisation of single-photon sources and detectors
  • Semiconductor optoelectronic devices characterisation and analysis
  • Cryogenic-temperature semiconductor device characterisation

Read more from NPL about the service here