Microsoft partners with Classiq, an Israeli-based Startup, to provide Advanced Quantum Software to Researchers and Academic Institutions.

Microsoft And Classiq

Microsoft and Classiq established a global program for quantum software research and instruction for universities and educational institutions. The partnership aims to provide academia access to cutting-edge quantum algorithm design, analysis, and hardware execution through Azure Quantum.

The program will provide access to quantum machines via Classiq’s sophisticated quantum computing platform and Microsoft Azure Quantum. University instructors, students, and researchers will use the unified offering to teach and conduct research in all facets of quantum computing.

Classiq was established in 2020 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company assists quantum developers in the development of quantum circuits and algorithms. Classiq offers a Quantum Algorithm Design (QAD) platform that allows developers from many sectors to create meaningful quantum software and quickly deploy it on their cloud and hardware devices.

The collaboration of the two companies has paved the way for universities to have access to an advanced quantum computers. Moreover, the joint offering, which the leading universities are already using, aims to achieve two primary goals: to accelerate quantum software education by offering an advanced platform for automated quantum software design and execution and to advance quantum computing by providing researchers with a scalable, robust quantum software design platform with better accessibility to computation.

“Bringing the best quantum software stack to academic users is the ultimate way of accelerating the quantum computing revolution. We’re delighted to collaborate with Microsoft on this important endeavor.”

Nir Minerbi, Co-Founder and CEO at Classiq

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