Japan-based Company QunaSys raises $10 million in its Series B Funding Led by JIC Venture Growth Investment.

QunaSys Inc., a Japan-based quantum computing startup, has announced that it has raised $10M in its Series B funding. The company released the latest information on its funding round which was led by JIC Venture Growth Investment and participation from other investors such as ANRI, Fujitsu Ventures Fund LLC, Global Brain, HPC Systems Inc., JST SUCCESS Program, MUFJ Capital, Shinsei Corporate Investment Limited, and Zeon Corporation.  

QunaSys is one of the few startups in the world that are developing quantum algorithms in chemistry for future quantum computers. The company is dedicated to creating software applications that leverage the power of quantum computing to solve real-world problems in the field of chemistry. 

The company’s proprietary cloud-accessible software development tools enable individuals and businesses to perform various quantum-related operations and have more than 3.3 million jobs executed.

This investment is important progress for QunaSys and will help to accelerate quantum computing activities in Japan. The company has also gone into a business alliance and capital tie-up with Zeon Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, and HPC Sytems Inc.

“Although quantum computer hardware is being developed around the world, for quantum computers to be widely used by users it is essential to have appropriate algorithms to meet the challenges and software that serves as an interface for users to master quantum computers. We have invested in QunaSys because we believe that QunaSys will be an indispensable company for the future spread of quantum computers in Japan.”

Yuki Kuwabara – Principal, JIC Venture Growth Investments Co., Ltd.

The firm is currently working with Pistoia Alliance and the Europe-based consortiums to develop new technology in the pharmaceutical industry through joint research activities. They are also conducting training programs for industry workers through the Quantum Flagship program, which trains industry workers with quantum computing for chemistry learning programs.

“It has been four years since we established QunaSys, and since then with the help of our talented members and companies at the forefront of their industry, we have been working towards the practical application of quantum computers. This fundraising will help accelerate the development of more usable quantum computing chemical software and expand current business overseas to open a European base.”

Tennin Yan – CEO, QunaSys Inc.

Quantum computing is a disruptive technology that is expected to have a significant impact on society and business in the future. With this funding, QunaSys plans to expand its quantum computing software offerings further and accelerate its research activities.

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