Janssen Pharmaceuticals gets into the quantum sphere, starting a 3-year collaboration with one of the biggest European quantum companies

A few days ago, Qu&Co was pleased to announce the multi-year collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceuticals for the purpose of researching, developing, and testing quantum computational methods for applications in pharma research and development.

Qu&Co, one of the leading European quantum computational software developing companies, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals which is one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies owned by Johnson & Johnson, have announced the launch of their three-year research collaboration for the development and testing of new quantum algorithms and software for application in pharma research and development.

Computational chemistry and ML techniques have become one of the most powerful tools to chase the goal of acceleration of pharmaceutical research and development and quantum computing. And it promises to bring further enhancements to these technologies and tools. With this collaboration is going to be determined how pharma research and development may benefit from quantum computing and it will give us the timeframe on when we can expect some real benefits.

Collaborations with deep domain experts in computational chemistry are key for us to understand where the conventional best-in-class computational techniques are struggling, so that we focus our research on those areas where there is a potential promise of industry relevant quantum advantage

Vincent Elfving, CTO at Qu&Co

This collaboration’s main focus will be on the development of quantum computing solutions and testing them on real quantum processors. One part of this research will employ the QUBEC, which is Qu&Co’s platform made for quantum computational chemistry and materials science, this platform offers the corporate researchers a peek into what the future of quantum computational chemistry is going to look like.

About Qu&Co

Qu&Co is a quantum computational company from Amsterdam, they were founded in 2017. Their software goal is to allow researchers to run complex chemistry and Multiphysics simulations on future quantum processors with great speed and accuracy. Qu&Co quantum SaaS solutions, namely the QUBEC platform for chemistry and materials science, includes many advanced quantum algorithms that are distributed as backend packages as integration to many leading conventional software packages. Qu&Co clients are corporate researchers from many multinational companies, and it has many partnerships with the different US and European quantum hardware companies and also research and development projects with universities around the globe.

About Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Janssen Pharmaceuticals are a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson; they are working on many pharmaceutical solutions and through science and technology they want to help people around the world by creating new more effective medicines with the help of quantum computing.