IonQ team up with SoftBank Investment Advisers in its pursuit to take Quantum global

IonQ, one of the leaders in quantum computing and Trapped Ion technology has announced the strategic partnership with SoftBank Investment Advisers, manager of SoftBank Vision Funds 1 and 2, for the deployment of quantum-first solutions in the regions, industries and portfolios where SoftBank has presence. This partnership should expand the access of IonQ’s quantum computers across the world, and also SoftBank Vision 2 will also join IonQ in its investor portfolio as IonQ is quickly approaching its public debut.

“We are humbled to have such a vote of confidence from the team at SoftBank, given their unparalleled track record of spotting step-changes in technology. Partnering with SoftBank will enable IonQ to put our industry-leading quantum hardware in the hands of entrepreneurs, builders, and problem-solvers around the world. From logistics to proptech to materials science, the potential applications of quantum computing to SoftBank’s interests are many.”

Peter Chapman, CEO & President of IonQ

This new partnership with SoftBank is a benchmark for IonQ’s continuous success. The 11-qubit system is the first system of this magnitude that is available on the cloud, with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Braket offering the system for clients. And its 32-qubit system is regarded as one of the most powerful quantum computers in existence.

IonQ’s plans for 2023 is to develop modular quantum computers that are small enough to be successfully networked together, and this milestone could pave the way for worldwide quantum dominance by 2025, and also the two cofounders of IonQ, Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim were named to the White House’s National Quantum Initiative Advisory Committee.

“IonQ is helping to solve some of the world’s most complex problems through quantum computing. Partnering with IonQ is just the latest example of our commitment to supporting visionaries who are solving tomorrow’s problems today. Both within SoftBank’s portfolio and across the broader market, we believe there won’t be an industry left untouched by the quantum revolution.”

said Kirthiga Reddy, Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers

IonQ has further plans to expand the access to quantum technology as it prepares itself to be the first quantum company that will go public following its merger with DMY Technology Group III.

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