Introducing miniMOT V2: A Game-Changing Platform for Quantum Physics Education and Research by Infleqtion.

Introducing Minimot V2: A Game-Changing Platform For Quantum Physics Education And Research By Infleqtion.

Infleqtion, a Texas-based quantum technology company that has over 16 years of groundbreaking quantum research by ColdQuanta, has introduced the miniMOT V2, its latest compact vacuum system for research in neutral atoms and quantum application development. This product launch is a significant milestone, as it marks its first release under its brand as it evolves into a commercial products enterprise.

The miniMOT V2 is a distinctive and portable off-the-shelf trapped atom vacuum system that facilitates the creation and manipulation of quantum matter using rubidium (Rb) or cesium (Cs) atoms. The miniMOT V2’s user-friendly interface empowers users to exert greater control over vital system parameters, thereby enhancing the flexibility of cold atom experiments.

In partnership with undergraduate educators, Infleqtion has created experiments that can be incorporated into conventional physics curricula. This is quite essential given the growing importance of quantum technologies, including Positioning, Navigation, Time-keeping (PNT), quantum information processing, magnetometry, and gravimetry, for various industries and governments worldwide.

“As the quantum industry matures, we continue to see the need for commercial products that enable researchers, scientists, and application developers to quickly execute their experimental goals and meet their product development milestones. The miniMOT V2’s new design and features provide users with even greater flexibility to create and control quantum matter within hours, not months.”

Neil Anderson, Ph.D., General Manager for Infleqtion’s Quantum Components business

Features of the miniMOT V2 – A Compact Trapped Atom Vacuum System for Quantum Research

The miniMOT V2 stands out from its bulky counterparts by simplifying the setup process for large and expansive vacuum equipment. As a result, students and researchers can dedicate more time to designing their cold atom experiments or quantum application work to yield faster results. Upgrading to the miniMOT V2 guarantees an effortless and effective solution for your quantum matter requirements.

The miniMOT V2 encompasses a compact UHV (Ultra-High Vacuum) system that is capable of producing an MOT (Magneto-Optical Trap) from a background vapor. In addition, the system comprises active and passive pumps that maintain vacuum quality during several years of operation.

It further incorporates integrated electronics to control vacuum, and alkali atom pressure, and drive the miniMOT Coils. A user-friendly touchscreen interface facilitates effortless control of system operation. The miniMOT V2 comes with a thin-walled cell as a standard component; however, optimized AR-coated UHV glass cells are also available. The miniMOT V2 is shipped under vacuum, making it readily deployable upon receipt.

Infleqtion’s miniMOT V2 presents a novel solution for reinvigorating traditional physics curricula by providing students with hands-on experience in the practical aspects of working within the quantum realm. This innovative platform offers institutions lacking the required infrastructure and expertise the opportunity to immediately begin creating cold atoms and conducting related experiments.

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