DARPA funds ColdQuanta to the tune of $7.4m to work on Scalable Cold Atom Quantum Computers

One of ColdQuanta’s systems

ColdQuanta has announced that it has been awarded a contract of up to $7.4M from the US government agency DARPA for its work on early quantum computers.

The DARPA grant is part of the ONISQ programme (Optimization with Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum devices) which aims to develop reliable quantum computers that can scale to hundreds and thousands of qubits.

ColdQuanta’s technology uses lasers to cool atoms close to absolute zero which can enable atoms to function as qubits crucially without the need for refrigerants. Thus it means having room-temperature devices without expensive helium or hydrogen for cooling.

“We are honoured by this award from DARPA and consider it strong validation of our cold atom quantum architecture and the extraordinary expertise of our collective team..”

Bo Ewald, CEO of ColdQuanta