ID Quantique has released its 4th generation of Quantum Key Distribution XG Series

Id Quantique Has Released Its 4Th Generation Of Quantum Key Distribution Xg Series
Id Quantique Has Released Its 4Th Generation Of Quantum Key Distribution Xg Series
ID Quantique, a Swiss cybersecurity company formed in 2001 that has revolutionized the Quantum cryptography sphere

On May 17th ID Quantique (IDQ) was pleased to announce the release of the Cerberis XG at the (IQT) Inside Quantum Technology conference. This product is the first of a new lineup of products that are built to provide the highest level of data protection security to governments and enterprises in a small and optimized form factor.

One of the biggest concerns with the present encryption methods are the key exchange mechanisms based on asymmetric cryptography. This way of protecting data is a major concern to enterprises and governments that have to protect their data for 5, 10 years, or even more. Possible back doors in these current systems in the combination with massive computing power are putting a great risk on highly sensitive data to be decrypted by malicious hackers. In addition, the imminent arrival of the quantum computer is going to render asymmetric key exchanges unsafe.

IDQ is one of the leading security providers in the industry launching its operations in 2001. They had commercialized the Quantum Key Distribution systems that generate and distribute provably secure keys for safely encrypting data. Their products are used by academic research labs, enterprises, and governments in more than 60 countries around the globe. And on May 17th IDQ unveiled its new 4th gen Cerberis series.

Id Quantique Has Released Its 4Th Generation Of Quantum Key Distribution Xg Series
IDQ’s new cyber security system Cerberis XG, Quantum bulletproof as the company claim.

IDQ Cerberis XG is a completely new compact product that provides high value and ease of operation because it can easily interface with different link encryptors available on the market.

“The Cerberis XG is the first product of our new series. With its compact size and its enhanced security features, our latest Cerberis XG is the 4th generation of our QKD products. This is the result of some intensive design optimization and improvement, based on years of experience in the QKD field, which offers reduced environmental footprint in data centers as well as an increased ROI for our customers, while preserving ultimate quantum-safe security to protect data today and tomorrow.”

Grégoire Ribordy, CEO and co-founder of ID Quantique

This new system also incorporates enhanced trusted security components like tamper detection and a secure memory module, in addition, it also incorporates the IDQ’s cutting edge QRNG technology (IDQ20MC1 QRNG chip). This technology provides proven randomness for all of the related crypto storage. Compared to conventional key distribution of algorithms, this new approach also called the cryptographic technique that offers forward security that is resistant to new attack algorithms and the upcoming quantum computers. One of the biggest advantages of QKD is that its reliability is not impacted by technological advancements.

“We are happy to offer the most economical QKD solution in the market today, providing a significant security upgrade without forklifting the existing infrastructure, making it Quantum-Safe for long-term data protection.”

Axel Foery, EVP Quantum-Safe Security at ID Quantique

About IDQ

ID Quantique was founded in 2001 as a spin-off company of the Group of Applied Physics of the reputable University of Geneva. Since its inception, its main goal was to become a world leader in cybersecurity and has created many quantum-safe crypto solutions, designed for the sole purpose of protecting data. The company provides different solutions and serves many institutions and governments globally. To name a few, it offers quantum-safe network encryption, Quantum Key distribution solutions, and Quantum Key Generation Solutions. Their quantum random number generator has been validated according to industry standards and independent agencies and serves as a benchmark in highly regulated industries. Namely security, IoT, critical infrastructure, and encryption. Industries where trust takes the number one spot.

IDQ is also a leading provider of optical instrumentation products. They are very well known for their proton counters and some other related electronics. Their photonic solutions are implemented in both research and commercial applications.

IDQ’s products are used all over the world in more than 60 countries on every continent. They believe in establishing long-term cooperation and creating trusted relationships with their customers.

If you want to learn more about IDQ, you can visit their website.