IBM offer Quantum software developers the chance to get certified with Qiskit

Ibm Offer Quantum Software Developers The Chance To Get Certified With Qiskit

Qiskit is one of the most popular Quantum Computing Languages. Qiskit is an open source framework that has won the backing of developers and researchers the world over. Supported by IBM, the technological giant has announced that they will offer the quantum industry’s first developer certification. This is exciting news. Currently there are a few online quantum computing courses, but we’ve not quite reached developer certification and the new credential will take the evolution of learning quantum computing and Qiskit one step further.

The IBM Quantum Developer Certification is a 60-question certification. It is an exam offered on the Pearson VUE platform. Students who successfully complete the exam will have demonstrated experience using Qiskit to create and execute quantum computing programs on IBM quantum computers and simulators. The will also have the ability to perform these tasks with little to no assistance from product documentation, support, or peers. The exam is available globally and is in taken in English.

The exam covers the competencies:

  • Defining, executing, and visualizing results of quantum circuits using the Qiskit SDK
  • Understanding single-qubit gates and their rotations on the Bloch sphere.
  • Understanding various multi-qubit gates and their effects in quantum circuits.vb c
  • Leveraging fundamental Qiskit SDK features including commonly-used classes and functions located in qiskit.circuit, qiskit.execute, qiskit.providers, qiskit.qasm, qiskit.quantum_info,, and qiskit.visualization packages.

You can register for the certificate IBM Qiskit Developer Certificate here.