Early Stage Quantum Start-ups from the UK looking for Investment

Quantum Zeitgeist was at the 4th annual QTEC conference where quantum based and allied companies pitch for investment. We collected a few of these Quantum companies seeking investment for their quantum technologies.

Company NameCompany ProfileSeeking
SEEQCSEEQC is developing the first digital quantum computing platform for global businesses. The company combines classical and quantum technologies to deliver the efficiency, stability and price point required by quantum computing systems.£1,000,000 investment
Quantum DiceQuantum Dice is an award-winning quantum hardware technology company with the vision to be the leading global supplier of cryptographically secure quantum
random number generators (QRNGs) to the hardware encryption market.
£800,000 investment
Luminiferous.ioThe biggest technological revolution of the past few decades has been integrating electronic components on silicon chips. Now, we’re seeing companies using the same
process, but instead of making electronic circuits, they’re making circuits for light – this technology is called silicon photonics.
Opening a seed round for
£300,000 investment early
Nu QuantumEmploying ground-breaking proprietary quantum components, Nu Quantum is developing end-to-end quantum cryptography systems, securing communications within and between cities through urban and satellite free-
space optical links.
Looking for potential commercial partners.
QTEC brings together Investors and Early stage technology companies. If you can help reach out to the companies or want further details.

Quantum Computing could represent the next industrial revolution. With millions and billions of funding of dollars coming into the field, tech giants such as IBM, Google, Microsoft and Amazon are exploring Quantum opportunities as are smaller companies too.

Quantum Computing could set us on the path to a new computing revolution. Many start-ups in Quantum Computing are hoping that developments in software, qubit fidelity will launch quantum computing into the stratosphere.

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