British Commercialising Quantum Technologies Challenge Announces £6 Million funding round for Quantum

British Commercialising Quantum Technologies Challenge Announces £6 Million Funding Round For Quantum

The Commercialising quantum technologies challenge at UK Research, and Innovation has announced £6 million funding split targeted at 16 UK-based projects. The funding is part of the UK government’s move to revolutionize industries with quantum technology. These 16 projects have found significant business potential for quantum technologies in the UK. They have proposed an innovative initiative to help exploit them, building on the success of earlier funding rounds. They’ll bring enterprises from around the UK together and help establish and nurture the fantastic quantum network forming in the UK as products become available.

QLM, located in Bristol, which had earlier received funding, will be collaborating with another start-up, Phlux, and the University of Sheffield on a study to develop QLM’s methane detection cameras. This project aims to reduce ecologically destructive methane leaks by detecting leaks more effectively. Leaked methane harms the environment because it is 84 times stronger as a greenhouse gas than CO2. Rigetti UK and BT will join the Phasecraft Limited initiative in their project built on a prior feasibility study sponsored by Innovate UK. They aim to create efficient methods and application cases for industrial optimization. The project, which is focused on BT’s fixed and mobile networks, seeks to optimize the efficiency, capacity, and competitiveness of BT’s services.

The projects will facilitate the commercialization of quantum technologies to solve the present challenges in those industries, including:

  • Connectivity
  • Seeing the invisible
  • Positioning, navigation, and timing
  • Computing.

The 16 projects will further strengthen UK’s depth in quantum technology. Not only that, these companies will make strides in their respective industries in the future.

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