The National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) now offers Quantum Skills Course online.

Learning Quantum Programming

The National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) has introduced an online quantum skills course designed for students and professionals who want to learn the fundamentals of quantum computing. NQCC is the second phase of the National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP), funded and supported by UK Research and Innovation. NQTP is a UK Program that focuses on innovation and investment to ensure the UK’s edge and prospects in the internationally competitive new quantum era.

NQCC aims to make UK quantum ready by focusing on three major areas: technological development, quantum readiness, and establishing a cutting-edge quantum computing infrastructure. The principal goal of NQCC is to fill a critical gap in the research and innovation ecosystem by offering the capability to handle the scaling challenge of quantum computing. It will bring together all relevant academics, business, and government players to accomplish this.

The NQCC’s online quantum skills course, which employs Black Opal Enterprise, is designed for anyone interested in learning more about essential ideas in quantum computing. The SparQ User Engagement Programme of the NQCC is delivering the course.

What we know about Q-CTRL’s Black Opal Enterprise

Black Opal Enterprise is the only enterprise-ready quantum computing education platform that includes user management, tracking, analytics, and co-branding. Regardless of professional expertise, the straightforward and highly interactive platform makes it simple to browse and master quantum computing. Black Opal Enterprise features include co-branded user experience pages, seat licensing structure, account management, and administrative functions that provide flexibility for changing learner cohorts.

Black Opal Enterprise launched after the April 2022 release of Q-CTRL’s Black Opal, a particular set of algorithms that provide a simple and welcoming learning environment for quantum computing. It is a powerful piece of software for controlling quantum devices. It enables real-time creation, execution, and testing of whole quantum control systems.

What makes it unique?

The course aims to raise awareness, understanding, and involvement in quantum computing, assisting in developing capabilities within the UK workforce from the start. This effort aligns with the NQCC’s broader strategic priorities of enabling a quantum-ready UK economy by providing skill development and training opportunities.

Furthermore, the course targets university students and professionals with a background in physics, computer science, engineering, or mathematics.

Quantum Course Curriculum

The course is divided into modules and takes students on a visual journey from studying the basics of quantum information to mastering quantum computing programming techniques. It has nine talents covering the following subjects – Superposition, Qubits, Measurement, Circuits, Entanglement, Noise, Speedup, Control, and Programming.

After completing the course, users will be given a certificate after completing the course and invited to participate in a customer satisfaction survey.

Read more about the course here.