Strangeworks announces backstage pass and early access program

In an aim to accelerate innovation, Strangeworks has announced some initiatives to support R&D and the development community. The Strangeworks Backstage Pass program helps developers and researchers to accelerate R&D in quantum computing across research, government and commercial organizations. Members who use the service will have access to the newest technology available from Strangeworks’ own internal development team and their Quantum Syndicate members.

“We’re excited to use Amazon Braket to provide developers with access a range of quantum computing technologies and launch Strangeworks’ new hardware credit program as part of our new backstage pass offering,”

whurley, founder and CEO of Strangeworks.

The Strangeworks Backstage Pass program

A collection of early or limited access tickets to use a range of quantum computing technologies from across the quantum computing spectrum. Each individual ticket will have its own application criteria and members of the program are encouraged to apply for as many different tickets as they believe will support them in their work. Two tickets are now available with the launch of the program:

  • Strangeworks Beta Program – Strangeworks is providing all members of the Backstage Pass program with an ongoing membership to its new Beta Program ticket. The Strangeworks Beta Program ticket will include early access to new features as they become available such as enhanced team functionality, new results and reporting, enhanced data exports, new tools integrations and many more.
  • Quantum Hardware Credit Program – Supported by the integration with their quantum syndicate member, Amazon Braket, Strangeworks is launching its hardware access program which provides successful applicants with up to $5,000 in credit on the Strangeworks platform to use on hardware systems available via Amazon Braket from D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti. Credit grants will be limited in availability so be sure to get your applications in early.
Backstage Pass Screenshots

“Both Amazon Braket and Strangeworks share the mission of providing easy access to different quantum computing technologies,”

Richard Moulds, General Manager, Amazon Braket, AWS

Applications to the Strangeworks Backstage Pass program are welcome via the program page with successful applicants able to take advantage of available tickets in January 2022.