Quantum Predictions for 2022

Predictions are notoriously hard. We’ve seen an exciting 2021 with plenty of progress in the development of Quantum Computing and allied technologies. Perhaps 2021 was the year that Quantum Computing finally hit the mainstream with IonQ launched on the market. We’ve also seen the tie-up of Cambridge Quantum with the Quantum division of Honeywell into Quantinuum.

The field continues to mature with progress being made on many fronts ranging from ever more qubit counts and performance metrics (even new metrics being coined). As more companies embrace quantum computing what can we expect in 2021? Here are some of our predictions for 2022, with the usual caveat that this information should be used for educational purposes only.

1. Rigetti goes public

As we have seen with IonQ, there is a familiar pattern of getting to the public market via a SPAC. IonQ was the first pure-play quantum company to hit the market this way. Rigetti is following the same playbook via a SPAC named Supernova Partners Acquisition Company II. There is no official date, but we think it will occur in 2022 as the company will want to leverage the buzz around IonQ and beat other competitors to the punch.

2. Tie up between processor company and a Quantum Company

For disruptive technology, very few of the major processor/chip companies are involved with quantum bar NVIDIA which is working on the simulation aspect of Quantum. Could 2022 see the likes of Intel, AMD, NVIDIA actually buy a quantum company or join forces with a quantum company? We think so.

3. We see another SPAC. Xanadu perhaps?

The photonic and full-stack quantum developer has been around for a number of years. We love the focus on QML (Quantum Machine Learning) and their continuous roll-out of frameworks (Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane) and tools to make Quantum Machine Learning easier. We see that the company received $100 million in follow up funding back in May 2021. As we have seen with IonQ and the intention of Rigetti to hit the public market, this will put pressure on Xanadu to go public, we think. There could be other companies heading down the SPAC route, such as Quantinuum (which is a Honeywell/Cambridge Quantum tie-up).

Could 2022 see another Quantum SPAC?

4. Intel comes out of the dark.

One of the processor companies that has been working on Quantum Computing for a while, but remains with a relatively low profile. We think with Intel under pressure from a number of fronts and its share price under pressure, it will re-invest in its Quantum effort. This might sound counterintuitive, but as IonQ has proven. We’ve covered what Intel is working on with its processors and its collaborations.

Intel is (perhaps) the only processor company working on Quantum hardware

5. More mainstream press on Quantum Technology

Now that Wall Street has woken up with the listing of IonQ and the impending listing of Rigetti via a SPAC, we can bet that there will be more articles, more podcasts and generally more information hitting MSM or mainstream media.

The pace of interest in Quantum has accelerated. Expect this to continue in 2022

6. IBM delivers 433 Qubits.

Back in 2021, IBM came good on a roadmap promise to deliver 127 qubits. According to the roadmap, they are on course to deliver almost four times as many and we have no reason to doubt they will do it either!

According to the IBM roadmap it will deliver 433 qubits in 2022.

7. The Quantum Internet takes a leap forward

We have covered developments in the Quantum Internet, and there are going to be increasingly more eyes focused on this aspect of Quantum Technology. Certainly the publications like The Quantum Internet: The Second Quantum Revolution will help those who wish to understand more about this nascent technology.

We expect to see more interest in the benefits of Quantum Networking. We have seen companies like Quantum Dice and now Quantinuum announce developments in quantum random numbers to help with security issues. We see these nearer-term applications continue apace. To help people understand Quantum Networking, we wrote a review of Quantum Networking for all with the Quantum Network Explorer from QuTech.

It’s not all about Quantum Computing. We expect great things from the Quantum Internet

8. Metaverse is a flop as the world looks to deep technology like Quantum instead

Okay, this might not win us many friends here. We have written about the Metaverse, Web 3.0 and Quantum. But we are not so sure that the Metaverse will make it big in 2022. We think though investors will instead look to deeper technologies such as Quantum which can offer the potential to be transformative across multiple industries. We’re still on the fence whether the Metaverse is a “head fake” or not, but we don’t think 2022 is going to be the year of the Metaverse; it might happen later but not 2022.

Is the Metaverse over-hyped? We think 2022 will see continued interest in Deep Technology

Whatever happens! Please enjoy 20222 and remain safe!

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