Quantum Powered Space Communication with Aegiq

Quantum Satellite

In collaboration with the University of Exeter, Aegiq introduces Project U-Quant, a quantum communication advancement for satellites and tactical payloads. Aegiq, a start-up working on ways to make quantum technology more widely used, announced the commencement of “Project U-Quant” in collaboration with the Luxmoore Laboratory at the University of Exeter. 

Both parties are expanding on their productive partnership within the UK’s Quantum Communications Hub. By utilising the advantages of real quantum lighting sources and investigating novel elements for single-photon creation, the research will enhance the potential of space communications.

A true-quantum technological solution that is affordable

Aegiq is in charge of the project, which is financed by Innovate UK. It gathers professionals in the creation of control systems and single-photon production, quantum communications, and innovative quantum photonic elements. The marketplace will then access an integrated quantum communication network with minimal loss and SWaP (size, weight, and power). The advancement will open the aerospace sector to an ultra-compact item and affordable true-quantum technological solution.

How is Aegiq planning to achieve affordable quantum communications? 

The main obstacle to the worldwide deployment of quantum communications is affordable intercontinental quantum links, which Project U-Quant seeks to address shortly. Undersea fibre-optic cables are often used in traditional digital communications. However, due to losses, they are not suitable for quantum links. Satellite-based communication is a short-term option that likewise lacks the physical fragility of undersea communications. The answer will play a significant role in quantum-safe communications.

“We will get one step nearer to the widespread use of quantum communication in satellites as well as tactical applications with U-Quant. Through the use of a variety of parts and specially created quantum optical and digital control logical circuits, we hope to ultimately enhance the network efficiency of satellite communications. The idea has a huge potential to increase satellite communication infrastructures’ capacity.”

Aegiq’s CEO and co-founder, Dr Max Sich

About Aegiq

The development of mass-market products using scalable tech by Aegiq is hastening the world’s shift to quantum. To meet the rising demand of global leaders to remain ahead of technological advancements, Aegiq is employing its single-photon and integrated quantum optics infrastructure to create a fresh generation of quantum communication and computing.

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