Quantum Journal PRX introduces Quantum Tutorials

In the ever growing field of quantum computing keeping up with the latest developments can be a tough ask. That is why the quantum journal PRX is introducing a new class of article: Tutorials, with the aim of bridging the gap between review articles and perhaps articles with full code.

We began publishing Tutorials to help the quantum community educate the next generation of quantum scientists. Rather than provide a comprehensive overview of the field, as is typically found in a review paper,

PRX Quantum

Martin Kliesch, University Düsseldorf and Ingo Roth, Freie Universität Berlin have produced a seminal tutorial called the “Theory of quantum system certification”.

Theory of quantum system certification”. A new tutorial by PRX Quantum Tutorial

Scientists and researchers will no doubt welcome the inroads into Quantum Education. Companies such as IBM, Microsoft and Google have all produced tutorials although more based on Quantum programming. The tutorial: Theory of Quantum System Certification, is aimed at helping readers understand the maths methods, which are widely used in quantum-information theory, in order to derive theoretical guarantees for
comminication protocols.

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